Orthophoto NRW

This scenery contains complete orthophoto coverage for NRW in Germany based on imagery provided by Geobasis-NRW (© Bezirksregierung Köln Geobasis-NRW 2022, Datenlizenz Deutschland – Zero – Version 2.0) in resolution up to 1m per pixel for the whole coverage featuring basic color correction to create a warm and friendly look and feel.

As the imagery contains a huge amount of data the scenery is split into the following packs. Depending on simulator use, you don’t need to download every pack:

  • Base (about 10 GB): Contains level 9-13 imagery (mandatory)
  • Mask (some 100 MB): Contains additional level 9-11 tiles with masks for the outer areas of NRW (optional, use this if you don’t use adjacent imagery around the borders of NRW)
  • HiRes (about 27 GB): Contains additional level 14 imagery (optional, use this if you have set the ground quality in AFS to high or ultra, otherweise you won’t see anyway)
  • Airports (about 4 GB): Contains extra level 15 areas for the airports provided by the simulator and it’s Europe DLCs (use this in addition to the high resolution pack and only if you have set the ground quality to ultra)

All users need to download the base pack, this contains all of the imagery up to level 13 (about 2m per pixel) without any masked tiles in a reasonable file size. Those using AFS with high or ultra settings for the ground quality will maybe want to use the high resolution pack in addition to get best level 14 image quality (about 1m per pxiel) . The masked tiles are separated from the others to increase compatibility with other orthophoto sceneries around the NRW borders, you will want to use this if you use the NRW scenery more or less ’stand alone‘ and you should skip this if you are using adjacent ortho imagery next to NRW.


  • Download at least the base pack
  • Unpack the zip file in place
  • Copy the folder „FlyAgi_Orthophoto_NRW“ just unpacked into your „Documents\Aerofly FS 4\scenery\images“ folder
  • Repeat the above for all packs you have downloaded