LOWI Innsbruck

This package upgrades the default LOWI Innsbruck demo area coming with X-Plane.


  • Agi Schwalm


  • High resolution and color optimized orthophoto (60cm/pixel) covering the airfields surroundings
  • Orthophoto normal maps for additional details
  • High definition vegetation including grass, flowers and bushes
  • Custom ground textures
  • Seasons (SAM plugin required)
  • Wet surface effects


  • Unpack zip file
  • Create a copy of your „LOWI Demo Area“ scenery and name the duplicate „LOWI Demo Area FlyAgi“
  • Copy folder „LOWI Demo Area FlyAgi“ from the zip file into your Custom Scenery folder and overwrite files
  • Disable the original „LOWI Demo Area“ in your scenery_packs.ini


LOWI Demo Area FlyAgi v120.zip