New support forums open (powered by Aerosoft)

Thanks to Aerosoft and Heinz Flichtbeil in particluar I have now a new support forum in the Aerosoft X-Plane forums section. There is one dedicated forum for english speaking users and another one for german speaking users. This solution is much simpler and easier for me to handle because a new forum in addition to the new website for just about 3-5 issues per year makes no sense to me, the setup and maintenance time this would need is in no reasonable relation to the demand.

You can go directly to the german or english support forum using the new ‚Support‘ drop-down button in the menu bar, clicking the button itself will bring you to the english support forum – please only post in english there and use the german one if you want to post in german language.

These new Aerosoft subforums are dedicated to questions and support regarding all the content available on my website – for general X-Plane related questions not related to contents on this website please use the correct forum categories in the Aerosoft forums and don’t post unrelated stuff in the new FlyAgi support forums.

Kind regards,