NRW Orthophoto for Aerofly FS 4

My first work for Aerofly FS is here: A complete map covering all of North Rhine-Westphalia in high resolution including ultra high resolution imagery around the airports included in the Aerofly FS 4 simulator and it’s free Europe DLCs. The map is color corrected overall to create a warm and friendly impression and further optimized in the following airport regions:

  • Dortmund-Wickede (EDLW)
  • Koeln-Bonn (EDDK)
  • Siegerland (EDGS)
  • Noervenich (ETNN)
  • Duesseldorf (EDDL)
  • Niederhein (EDLV)
  • Stadtlohn-Vreden (EDLS)
  • Muenster-Osnabrueck (EDDG)
  • Aachen-Merzbruck (EDKA)
  • Moenchengladbach (EDLN)
  • Paderborn (EDLP)
  • Duesseldorf (EDDL)

If you want to try it out yourself you will find the downloads, including instructions, here: