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SAM Seasons - Information and instructions

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SAM Seasons - Information and instructions

Beitrag von Agi » Mi 20. Nov 2019, 14:56

There has been some confusion about SAM Seasons so I think it's a good idea to provide some more information about this. In theory this is all pretty simple, SAM Seasons is just another library to install into custom scenery but depending on your personal X-Plane setup and addons used there are some things to take care of.


SAM Download - X-Plane.org

SAM Seasons Download - X-Plane.org

Installation works as following:
  • Download and extract SAM_Seasons package
  • Place SAM_Seasons into Custom Scenery
  • Check if 'library.txt' is present inside SAM_Seasons (if this is true it will work)
  • Install latest SAM v2 plugin

Now the seasons should technically work fine but you have to care for some things:
  • Place SAM_Seasons on top of Scenery_packs.ini (really, it's important to avoid lots of conflicts with other replacement libraries)
  • Don't place additional Tree packages (MisterX HD Forests, FlyAgi vegetation Global Trees, TerraFlora) above SAM_Seasons
  • When using SFD Global place SFD Global below SAM_Seasons in Scenery_Packs.ini (switch off any season to get SFD Global summer)
  • When using TerraFlora place TerraFlora below SAM_Seasons in Scenery_Packs.ini (switch off any season to get default summer with TerraFlora trees)
  • X-Europe 3 is not yet supporting SAM_Seasons, I'm currently working to fix this for the next X-Europe update (coming soon, really)
  • If you are using FlyAgi Vegetation and/or Global Trees please update to the latest versions
  • Ortho4xp tiles have to be modified to support seasons,
  • Orbx TrueEarth is not supporting SAM Seasons for technical reasons, they would need to ship seasonal textures with their sceneries to make this work

The menu 'Colors + Seasons' works as following:
  • For now ignore the left part 'Colors', this is not important for the seasons library
  • The right part 'Seasons' is controlling the seasonal library
  • If every season is switched off (nothing is higlighted in blue) the seasonal library is inactive, you will the see default scenery with default trees or any other scenery replacement like SFD Global, TerraFlora, MisterX HD Forest and so on (once again, place SAM_Season on top of scenery_packs.ini if this is not true)
  • If you want whiter trees in deep winter season click on the settings icon next to 'seasons' and switch on the snowy trees - this requires a scenery reload to be visible
  • All settings are stored so when you come back to the sim you will see the season which was active when you left

SAM Seasons works scenery based so it's replacing default scenery with different color corrected versions based on season active (pretty much like TerraMaxx or WinterMod are working). For now there is no support for automated seasonal changes based on different conditions, this was talked about but I don't know when this will be implemented. SAM Seasons is intended to be used as an alternative to Wintermod and TerraMaxx because the first one is a bit complicated to use (even with JSGME) and the second one seems to be not that wide spread as desired so almost no designer supports it.

I hope I did not miss anything important but if so just tell me.