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FlyAgi Tweak Utility 1.10l - Force trim refinements

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FlyAgi Tweak Utility 1.10l - Force trim refinements

Beitrag von Agi » So 28. Apr 2019, 21:52

I did some improvements to the force trim concept. At first the force trim command now is able to update your cyclic position instead of resetting it on the second press - this is more realistic and convenient resulting in a smoother ride. The other new thing is the method for the force trim system, there is now a cyclic method which simulates a real cyclic based force trim without any virtual trim tabs. This method is somewhat twitchy so I recommend to use the default 'trim based' method if the twitchiness bothers you. Further there are new commands for the trim adjustment which should be used for the trimming instead of the standard X-Plane trim commands. If you want to use the cyclic based method you HAVE to use the new buttons to make corrections as the standard commands don't have any effect on this method but I recommend to set them up for the trim based method as well as the default commands are unable to set values outside the -1 to +1 space which is needed for the force trim.

  • Added forece trim method option
  • Force trim has now two methods, 'trim based' and 'cyclic based'
  • Force trim can be updated by pushing the button again so there is no twitchy reseting before trimming again
  • Added new commands for force trim adjsutment, please assign your controller with them instead of the normal X-Plane trim buttons
  • Added trim sensitivity option
  • Minor fixes

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