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FlyAgi Vegetation + Global Trees update

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FlyAgi Vegetation + Global Trees update

Beitrag von Agi » Sa 13. Jun 2020, 16:42

Hi there.

Actually I did not want to maintain the old FlyAgi Vegetation packages any longer as all this is integrated in SAM Seasons, SAM GlobalTrees and the SAM Seasons SDK (which is part of the SAM Developer Pack) but as I still see download access numbers growing for the old packages I decided to update them with the latest contents so I don't spread old and dated vegetation assets any longer.

In short:

If you are still using FlyAgi Vegetation and/or FlyAgi Vegetation Global Trees please update to the latest version so you can enjoy the latest changes:
  • Higher forest density
  • Better trees and forests shading and coloring
  • More diversified spring and autumn vegetation colors
  • Python configurator (Global Trees only)


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