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FlyAgi Tweak Utility Update: View Options

Verfasst: Mo 19. Nov 2018, 16:23
von Agi
I added some view options for having control over the aircraft's default view (W key) without the need of editing the aircraft in planemaker. If you want to use this feature you should reassign the W key to a new command provided by the utility 'FlyAgi_Tweak_Utility/Default_View' in aircraft with modified default views. For completeness I also added field of view parameters to the new submenu - this allows for having different field of view settings in different aircraft.

  • Added view options submenu
  • Added 'default view' controller command
  • View options provided for default view modification: screen center, lateral position, longitudinal position and vertical position.
  • Field of view options: field of view, non proportional field of view, vertcial non proportional field of view
  • All view parameters can be stored per aircraft allowing different setups in different aircraft