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FlyAgi Vegetation and Global Trees now support JSGME based winter mods

Verfasst: So 27. Jan 2019, 16:53
von Agi
I just added new packages to support JSGME based winter mods. If you want to use the winter packages do the following:

  1. Download the standard version of FlyAgi Vegetation and Global Trees and install them both into your Custom Scenery folder. Make sure they are both placed above any scenery which makes use of them in the scenery-packs.ini - this way the libs will override build in library driven versions of my vegetation.
  2. Download the winter versions (and NOT the Seasonal for TerraMaxx versions) of both packages and install them into your JSGME mod folder
  3. Enable the base winter mod at first (important!)
  4. Enable the Vegetation and Global Trees winter mods. You will be prompted to overwrite some files - this is because my trees need to replace some files the base winter mod package also changes and should be answered with yes

FlyAgi Vegetation Downloads

FlyAgi Vegetation Global Trees Downloads