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Changes to JSGME winter mod packages

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Changes to JSGME winter mod packages

Beitrag von Agi » Di 5. Feb 2019, 17:23

I did some changes to all the JSGME winter mod packages for reducing file sizes drastically which also means a faster installation process. This is achieved by simply changing the library.txt information in the sceneries (as they all have winter textures already in the base packages) so there is no need for shipping the textures with the winter mods any longer.

This applys for the libraries as well and this change is significant as you now have to use the seasonal packages in your Custom Scenery folder instead of the standard ones - those have the winter textures already included and the winter mod for the libraries just needs to switch the library to use them. Further, this seems to be more logical because you now have to use the seasonal packages to get seasons, regardless of the method to apply them.