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Ortho4xp optimized vegetation

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Ortho4xp optimized vegetation

Beitrag von Agi » Mo 7. Okt 2019, 14:53

FlyAgi Vegetation and Global Trees are now available with a further color set optimized for use with Ortho4xp generated orthophotos. This means the coloring is slightly cooler, darker and more saturated and should look better on most orthophotos.The new colorst should look great on the better quality ortho tiles and result in a more natural overall look and feel blending better with the ground.

Also, the new color version is used in Simheaven X-Europe 3 (releasing soon) - if you want to optimize for this addon use the O4XP version of both libraries. X-Europe 3 does not need one of the libraries to run, it's all build in but for certain sceneries coming with integrated vegetation fallbacks (all of the downloads on this website and the simmershome sceneries for X-Plane) you will need to install the new vegetation library to change the sceneries' default color appearance.

FlyAgi Vegetation O4XP:


FlyAgi Vegetation Global Trees O4XP:


Further you will find an update package for some Payware Sceneries to get their vegetation colors matching Ortho4xp vegetation colors - if you have any questions or troubles with the update package please contact me or request support in my support forums, the update patch is unofficial and not supported by the publisher or reseller.

Scenery Update Pack:


Following sceneries are supported by the update pack:

Aerosoft - CYYG Charlottetown
Aerosoft - EDLP Paderborn
Aerosoft - EDLW Dortmund
Aerosoft - EGCC Manchester
Aerosoft - ENTC Tromso - Airport
FSDG - EDDW Bremen