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FlyAgi Tweak Utility 1.12 - Internal restructuring and optimization

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FlyAgi Tweak Utility 1.12 - Internal restructuring and optimization

Beitrag von Agi » Sa 9. Nov 2019, 09:11

The new FTU 1.12 fixes some minor stuff for XP 11.40 and lots of stuff under the hood, there are no fancy new features this time. Because of the internal restructuring this version was in longer testing for some months now and should be stable but you have to remove the older installation before updating to avoid a mess in the new and clean file structure.

Your save files will get lost but there is a workaround for this:
  1. With your older FTU version create a sync file if not done already
  2. Save this file 'FTU_Sync_Settings.ftu' on your desktop and rename it 'FTU_Sync_Settings.lua'
  3. Remove the old FTU installation from your scripts directory
  4. Install FTU 1.12 into your scripts directory
  5. Copy 'FTU_Sync_Settings.lua' from your desktop into 'FlyAgi_Tweak_Utility/Userdata/Settings' folder (create folders if needed)
  6. Start X-Plane and load the sync file into your aircraft

  • New modules based file structure
  • Modules and save files ending is now .lua instead of .ftu
  • Per aircraft save files are now saved based on acf file name instead of ICAO entry (solves conflicts with different aircraft using the same ICAO or none at all)
  • All save files are now stored in new 'userdata' subfolder
  • Changed bird strikes damage logic to only fix bird strike related damages instead of all systems
  • Fixed bird strike damage controls not working properly in 11.40
  • Fixed static planes setting issues in 11.40
  • Increased default static planes lod to 3500
  • Added custom throttle command including sensitivity adjustment button in helicopter option menu (usefull if throttle is controled with buttons or keays instead of axes)
  • Minor fixes


FlyAgi Tweak Utility - Download