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FlyAgi Tweak Utility 1.13 - Compatibility optimization

Verfasst: Mo 13. Apr 2020, 02:22
von Agi
I just put out another update hopefully increasing compatibility with other scripts a bit by removing some not that important features to reduce the need to access datarefs. The sound engine and the aircraft persistence are gone and so has the shadows menu because it's mostly useless in X-Plane 11.50 anyway. The cloud shadow brightness is still adjustable but the button is now part of the advanced clouds menu.

  • Removed shadow options (mostly useless in XP 11.50)
  • Moved cloud shadow intensity button to advanced clouds menu
  • Removed aircraft persistence feature (for less dataref compatibility issues)
  • Removed sound engine (for less dataref compatibility issues)
  • Decluttered main menu, moved some buttons

FlyAgi Tweak Utility 1.13 Download