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Tutorial - JSGME based winter mods

Diverse X-Plane-Tutorials für dies und das.
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Tutorial - JSGME based winter mods

Beitrag von Agi » Mi 30. Jan 2019, 21:28

As I recently started to support JSGME based winter mods in some packages I thought it would be a good idea to point out some notes to make everything work properly.

What do you need?


JSGME is a simple tool which can enable and disable mods for many applications including X-Plane. This is done by simply copying files and reverting them back later so it's simple and save to use (no guarantees though).

I am hosting the JSGME tool so you can get it from my dedicated download page:

JSGME Download

Winter package by xflyer

The winter package contains the needed winter textures to transform X-Plane summer into a white winter environment. The download is freely available at the X-Plane.org forums.

https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/f ... _package_/

FlyAgi Libraries

For using the winter packages with my sceneries and enhancements you will need the libraries installed even if a scenery ships with a backup library. This is because for a simpler modding process I only apply the mod to the libraries instead of doing this for all sceneries over and over again. This means you will need the following libraries installed properly into Custom Scenery. Always use the SEASONAL version for this type of winter mod AND the winter package in ADDITION. Further, make sure you place the libraries above all sceneries which make use of them in your Scenery-Packs.ini, if there is any doubt it's perfectly fine to have them on top of the file.

FlyAgi Vegetation

FlyAgi Seasonal Airfield Components

Installing JSGME

Download and extract the JSGME package and copy its contents (JSGME.exe, JSGME.ini,JSGMEHelp.txt and a Folder called MODS) into your X-Plane 11 main folder. If there is no folder named MODS just create a new one.

Basically that's all but I suggest creating a short cut to the JSGME.exe on your Desktop or else for easier access.

Installing mods

For using mods you have to extract the zip Archives and copy the contents into the 'X-Plane 11/MODS' folder and then start JSGME. The JSGME window is really easy and self explanatory, it shows a list of your available but not installed mods on the left sub window and the installed ones on the right sub window. To enable a mod just select it and click on the small arrow button directing to the right and the mod will install. For uninstalling just do the same with the mods on the right side and the arrow button directing to the left.


FlyAgi Vegetation Global Trees

If you want to use my winter trees instead of the original ones shipping with the winter mod package make sure that you enable the winter mod package at first and the global trees winter set in a separate step after that. You will be prompted that some files are already modified and asked if you want to overwrite them: The answer is yes. If you say no this will be fine (technically) but some trees will still be the original ones so I recommend to click yes and overwrite the files.

Summer orthophotos visible in winter

If you want to use the following sceneries with JSGME based winter mods you will see the summer orthophoto in winter, everything else should be fine if you followed all the steps above:
  • EDDK Köln Bonn (winter textures available)
  • EDXE Rheine Eschendorf (winter textures available)
  • EDPW Thalmässing Waizenhofen (winter textures available)
  • Lindau im Bodensee (winter textures available)
  • Aerosoft Dortmund XP
As long as there are no winter mods available for these orthophotos you can simply disable them in the Scenery-Packs.ini as they all have their own scenery layer. If you want to use Dortmund XP with winter mods you should disable the EDLW Airport as well as this part of the scenery has no seasonal features and there is no separate ortho layer.

List of available winter textures

Winter textures are available for the following sceneries or libraries provided by FlyAgi.de, the downloads can always be found on the corresponding download pages.

  • EDDK Köln Bonn
  • EDXE Rheine Eschendorf
  • EDPW Thalmässing Waizenhofen
  • Lindau im Bodensee
  • LOWI Innsbruck
  • EDRN Nannhausen

  • FlyAgi Vegetation
  • FlyAgi Vegetation Global Trees
  • FlyAgi Seasonal Airfield Components