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Tutorial - SAM Seasons with Ortho4xp and Winterizer

Verfasst: Fr 22. Nov 2019, 17:44
von Agi
This tutorial will explain how to use Winterizer to create SAM Seasons compatible Ortho4xp tiles.

You will need the following tools:

Step 1

Download winterizer and start the program. Now choose the folder where your ortho4xp tiles are stored (usually Custom Scenery) and set the fllowing options:


  • Only winterize zOrtho4xp tiles
  • Batch Process
  • User "Four Seasons" for seasons
Now press 'winterize all tiles' and wait until the conversion has finished.

Step 2

Winterizer has created a library structure for your Ortho4xp tiles but this is now controlled by the fours seasons plugin so you have to modify the library files to use SAM instead. This has to be done with a text editor (I recommend using Notepad++).

Press ctrl + F to open the search dialogue and change to the 'search in files' tab:


Enter the following values:
  • Search for: REGION_DREF nm/four_seasons/season > 49
  • Replace with: REGION_DREF sam/season/deepwinter == 1
  • Filter: library.txt
  • Folder: The folder where your ortho4xp tiles are located
  • Check the 'subfolders' checkbox

Now click 'replace in files' and the modfication will be done to all library.txt files inside the folder entered into the mask which contain the line 'REGION_DREF nm/four_seasons/season > 49'.

Note: I recommend to move the tiles into a temporary folder if they are situated in Custom Scenery to avoid accidental modification of other scenery library.txt files.

That's all.

Now the ortho4xp tiles should be controllable by the SAM plugin using the Colors + Seasons menu. In the simulator switch to 'Deep Winter' and reload the scnenery to see the results.