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JSGME - Download

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JSGME - Download

Beitrag von Agi » Mi 6. Feb 2019, 17:06

Jonesoft Generic Mod Enabler is a simple tool which activates and deactivates modifications for X-Plane (and other software). This is done by simply copying the content from its MODS folder into the simulator and, even more important, creating backups for the original content so you can easily revert back to the original state.

The JSGME is property of JoneSoft (Jaesen Jones) and I am just hosting it here so I don't take any responsibility for problems possibly occuring - you are using the software on your own risk. I did not encounter any issues myself so far and the tool worked nicely for me so I consider it save and easy to use however.


Regarding X-Plane and possible issues I have some notes just for the case.
  • Before updating X-Plane I strongly recommend to disable all mods and enable them later again after the update has finished.
  • If you want to update any of your mods I recommend to disable them before doing so.
  • If you have any troubles with messed up files in X-Plane there is no need to worry. If anything goes wrong just disable all mods and then run the X-Plane Installer and let it search for updates. The installer will now check all your files and will redownload all altered files and overwrite them with the original ones.

  • Download and unpack JSGME.zip
  • Copy the contents from inside the folder JSGME into your main X-Plane directory (JSGME.exe, JSGME.ini, JoneSoft.txt, JSGMEHelp.txt, MODS folder)
  • Create a shortcut to the JSGME.exe on your desktop or wherever you like
  • Copy your JSGME mods into the MODS folder

Enable and disable mods
  • Select mods on the left window and click on the arrow button directing to the right to enable a mod
  • Select mods on the right window and and click on the arrow button directing to the left to disable mods
  • You can enable or disable multiple mods at once by selecting many of them and then clicking the arrow buttons

Winter mod tutorial

If you are interested in winter mods JSGME is a great tool to manage them. I have written a tutorial for winter modding which covers some important information so I suggest reading it - this is very important if you want to use the sceneries and libraries I am offering or other ones wchich make use of my vegetation and some other stuff.

Tutorial - JSGME based winter mods