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FlyAgi Tweak Utility 1.10f - xAmbience compatibility

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FlyAgi Tweak Utility 1.10f - xAmbience compatibility

Beitrag von Agi » Mo 1. Apr 2019, 14:40

I just added compatibility for xAmbience weather enhancement. As xAmbience really is incompatible with the older FTU versions you need the new version if you want to use both products together. Please don NEVER turn off the 3rd party weather protection when using xAmbience, this will cause a mess and you have to reset xAmbience if this happens. Further, I recommend deleting older FTU save files because they can still interfere with xAmbience until they got updated by the new FTU - but then it's too late and you already have a messed up xAmbience.

If you see weird results with FTU and xAmbience this is very likely because of older save files or an outdated FTU. You can resolve this by updating FTU to 1.10f (or higher), deleting all FTU save files and reinstalling xAmbience from the download archive again. Just overwrite the old installation, this way your xAmbience activation does not get lost.

  • xAmbience compatibility (if something weird happens please delete the old FTU save files and reinstall xAmbience by copying the download contents into your current installation, a reactivation is not needed but xAmbience is reset to defaults this way, after that it should work fine)
  • allowed oxygen bottles having up to 5.000 liters capacity
  • minor changes

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