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FlyAgi Tweak Utility 1.10j - Force trim for helicopters

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FlyAgi Tweak Utility 1.10j - Force trim for helicopters

Beitrag von Agi » Mi 24. Apr 2019, 15:39

I added force trim functionality for helicopter pilots - this allows to add force trim to any helicopter. There is also a calibration tool in the controller options, I strongly recommend to make use of it if force trim does not hold your current attitude as expected.

To set up your helo for force trim do the following:
  1. Assign at least one command 'FlyAgi Tweak Utility/Force Trim' to a key or button of your choice. Pushing this button engages the force trim logic, pushing once again switches it of
  2. I recommend to assign the second command 'Force Trim Release' as well - this one just disengages the force trim logic and resets your trim values to center
  3. Now start a flight in a helicopter, get some altitude and speed and then push and hold the force trim button. While holding the button center your joystick and release the button afterwards - the helicopter should now hold its attitude more or less accurately.
  4. If the accuracy of the trim is not good enough go to the controller menu and calibrate the values slightly. If, for example, your nose drops with the force trim use the pitch calibration and decrease the value by one or two steps and check again. Repeat this until you're satisfied with the results
  5. The calibration is needed because the trim effectivity is different for most helos so there is no single setup working fine with all of them

  • Added Force Trim logic
  • Added commands for 'force trim' and 'force trim release'
  • Added force trim calibration buttons to controller menu
  • Added force trim mode button to controller menu, supported modes are 'Pitch + Roll' and 'Pitch + Roll + Yaw'
  • Minor stuff

FlyAgi Tweak Utility Download

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Re: FlyAgi Tweak Utility 1.10j - Force trim for helicopters

Beitrag von Mr.Mo » Mi 24. Apr 2019, 17:21

Danke Agi!

Da hab ich ja mal was schönes zum Ausprobieren. ;)