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Tweak Utility with Aerosoft EGCC

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Tweak Utility with Aerosoft EGCC

Beitrag von AndyDigital » So 18. Aug 2019, 20:18

Hi thanks for your awesome tweak utility, I've only recently discovered it and I already cannot live without it, lol. But unfortunately I have an issue with in when located at Aerosofts Payware EGCC Manchester. When I have your tweak utility loaded I cannot see any static aircraft at this airport at all, even with Static aircraft enabled in the sim and in your tweak. Hope you can help.


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Re: Tweak Utility with Aerosoft EGCC

Beitrag von Agi » Mo 19. Aug 2019, 13:12

There is a new static aircraft setting in FTU which overrides the XP setting - just enable the static aircraft in FTU and they should show up after a couple of seconds.

I had another look into this and it seems I have set the default value for static planes lod a bit too short, this is 2000 by default and will be 3500 in the future. The static planes at larger airports seem to not show up with too low lod values so you have to increase this value in FTU manually to about 3500 or higher. In case of doubt you can also max out this setting to default of 9260 but 3500 worked fine for me on larger airports (EGCC, EGLL, KJFK, KLGA, EDDK).